Wow, six years old. My little baby is six years old! That’s another milestone reached. I wonder how time moves so quickly from my baby girl to a confident, bossy 6 year old schoolgirl. I honestly feel that only yesterday I was holding her in my arms totally overwhelmed wondering how will I do this? Be a mum? And feel so much love for one tiny person. 

Here’s a letter for you on you 6th Birthday 

To my Georgia pie,

Today you are six years old and every year seems to come around so quickly but that happens with most special milestones in life so enjoy this day.

When you cried for the first time in the operating theatre I was so relieved that you made it safely into the world. Then they placed you on my chest and all I could do was stare at you in shock that I had a perfect little girl. 

The first few months were good and bad! You cried all the time and never kept milk down and I had no idea that something was wrong and I insisted on you being taken to hospital. And I was right as we ended up spending a week in the children’s hospital to make you better. And over the years afterwards you proved to be a brave little girl whenever we had to go back for check ups and scan as well as taking your medication everyday.

I watched you cut your first tooth and this year watched as two fell out to make room for you adult teeth.

You’re growing up to be such a loving, kind, beautiful and funny girl. The things you say just make us a make us all laugh so much and both me and dad love that about you as making people smile is a talent worth having in life. You’re  a sensitive soul and cry easily when you see anyone get hurt or if someone else is upset. In fact you’re just like me in many ways…two peas in a pod.

There’s no better feeling than being a kid and it’s your birthday, it not only feels like one of the greatest days ever…it will be!

Happy Birthday, Georgia pie. You will always be my baby.