I’m in a really bad mood today through no sleep for the 3rd night In a row. My daughter Georgia has been coughing non stop for 3 days, and when I say non stop I’m not kidding. I know it’s not her fault but I’ve commented to her dad that if the coughing doesn’t stop I’m going to throw her out the window just like Miss Trunchbull did to that little girl with the pigtails in Roald Dahl’s classic book Matilda.

I keep thinking “…sleep is for the weak…” and “…stop thinking like this…”, but I know I’m not alone. Georgia seems to have one virus after another and I found out today another 3 kids at nursery are off with the same thing. I was reading up on viruses and discovered that a child this age can have up to 8-10 viral infections per year. WTF, 8-10 a year times 2 children = a case of wine being ordered in!!

As her mum I know when she’s not well and follow my instincts and rather than pass it another child at nursery, I’ve chosen to keep her home where she can recover. I wish other mums did this instead of sending them to nursery but work commitments are often the cause I guess. What’s your thoughts on it? Feel free to leave a comment below.

L x