So my working weekend is well and truly over which means it’s a new week and I get to moan about the morning nursery run. I have been up all night with a coughing child who was at one point pretending to be sick to avoid going back to bed so I’m a bit rough round the edges this morning…but I say sleep is for the weak!

This Monday morning stress fest is me with a 3 year old and one year old toddler up, dressed and out of the door before 8.15am. Haha that never happens to plan no matter how organised I am:

Im sorry I’m late, I gave my daughter the wrong colour bowl.

Im sorry I’m late, I gave her the wrong cereal she wanted porridge.

I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t get the breakfast quickly enough.

I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t give her the chocolate she wanted at 8am.

I’m sorry I’m late, she doesn’t like the colour of her toothbrush.

I’m sorry I’m late, she wants to take her favourite pinky pie toy but can’t find it.

Im sorry I’m late, my children are a*******s…only joking of course!

Or if I’m honest I’ve got my face stuck in Facebook avoiding listening to cries of nothing and didn’t realise the time!

Oh well tomorrows a new day so I will attempt to make it on time…I’m not a quitter.

Coffee anyone? It’s too early for wine…or is it?!