“Mummy, can I watch surprise eggs?” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I hear this phrase all day everyday from eldest Georgia “Mummy, can I watch surprise eggs?” she will ask and ask until I give in. Why are children obsessed with this? My daughter sits quietly and laughs and giggles with excitement when she finds out what’s inside the egg. These are viral videos viewed all over the world with millions of hits. These are people opening shop bought Kinder and Disney eggs with different characters on them and doing a show and tell of what’s inside.

You can’t see the person in the video, only her hands and her pretty nails and rings and the most irritating music playing in the background. My daughter is almost hypnotised when watching; she is so still and quiet.  Now before anyone judges me for allowing my daughter on YouTube, it’s perfectly harmless and under supervision and for my own sanity, for that little peace and quiet to have a coffee we allow her some time each day so watch her favourites.

I sometimes use surprise eggs as blackmail to get her to behave when she plays up when we’re out…it works a treat! “Oh if your a good girl I will let you watch surprise eggs when we get home” or “If you don’t start to behave you will be banned from surprise eggs!” And it works. If it’s a confiscated toy she couldn’t care less, but taking away surprise eggs is the end of the world.

We’re now watching surprise eggs as I write this. Her new favourite is ‘‘. She can’t just watch any surprise egg video, she wants specific ones with Disney princesses or Play-Doh covered eggs. These have millions and millions of views! Why oh why are they so popular with kids? When I mention this to other parents they know exactly what I’m talking about. Do you?

L x