Lets face it, all Mums are Superheros we do just about everything form juggling work, kids, housework, maid service, personal taxi service and so much more 😫 this is for you…YOU ARE NOT ALONE

  1. To the mums who sometimes rush out the door for the school run wearing pyjamas and odd shoes
  2. To the mums who give the kids the iPad  just for an hour so you can enjoy a cuppa tea (disguised…as its really Prosecco) and a Kit Kat
  3. To the mums who are so exhausted from all the multi tasking and running around all day and can’t build up the energy to run a bath to wash your kids so you just use a baby wipe instead
  4. To the mums who even use baby wipes to clean the house…and everything else you can possibly wipe
  5. To the mums who don’t shop online for food and are extremely brave and take the kids shopping with them knowing full well that at somepoint one of your kids (or perhaps witness someone else’s ) having a total meltdown over something  stupid like not being able to drink the bleach
  6. To the mums who have been out and about with the kids for hours then suddenly realise that they forgot to shower or even brush their own teeth and become paranoid that they stink
  7. To the mums (and this one is for the dads as well!) at the weekend who just spend the 2 days in your jammies and have a Disney day. But the real truth is you have a hangover and can’t be arsed getting them ready or lifting your ass off the couch!
  8. To all the mums who come home from work and cook, clean and bath the kids and order a take away dinner at 10pm
  9. To the mums who serve your family ready meals or freezer food for the third day in a row because you hate cooking a family meal for the little feckers refuse to eat it

So here it it mums 😜 I’m sick of all the ‘Mother Earth’ types I meet that so often make us feel like s**t and that we’re not good enough.  I can tell you I know that every single mum has done at least one of the above and I will be honest and say ‘Yip’ to all of them!

So don’t deny your imperfections because being a mum is bloody hard work and what we need to know is that we are all Superheroes. So don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not good enough and don’t be one of the mums who makes others feel this way by judging them.

I saw a mum today struggling with 2 kids today throwing a tantrum and everyone was looking and judging her. I smiled and gave her a nod and she looked at me like we were in the same superhero club.

L x