The secret lives of pets is produced by Illumination who brought us the family favourite Despicable Me franchise. This is why I think my kids loved it so much. The movie is a sneek peek into what our beloved pets are up to when we’re not home…a bit like Toy Story.

Max is our main character. He’s a devoted dog whose entire life revolves around his owner, Katie. It’s a perfect dog life but this all changes when Katie brings home Duke, a big fluffy dog who immediately starts to ruin Max’s life by taking over his home!

Some underhand scheming by Duke, results in him and Max having some hilarious encounters with a gang of feral cats, Animal Control and what can only be described as a human hating cult of animals called “The Flushed Pets”

Our other notable characters:

Gidget: a tiny dog and has a crush on Max (my daughters favourite)

Chloe: a fat cat with a hilarious bad attitude and eats everything on site.

Mel: a cute little pug

Chloe and Mel are the comedians and make you laugh and little Gidget serves as our unlikely hero to save her true love.

I loved the music a real eclectic mix from Taylor Swift to System of a Down and a nice cameo of the song ‘Happy’ which of course is from Despicable Me 2.

The Secret Life of Pets is a solid family film with plenty of cute and intelligent jokes, as well as a few scary moments that aren’t too scary.

You can of course buy some of the character toys which are available now and these are definitely on my girls Christmas list

L x

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