Peppa Pig is really, really, really starting to get on my nerves! Just as one child is growing out of that phase the other has now started!!!!!

HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP! I can’t take anymore of that spoiled little snorting, complaining, whining, pork chop dictator Peppa. I try to limit it to just one a day usually when Milkshake is on first thing in the morning. This way I don’t have to listen to it when I’m busy getting organised for the day.

I think Mummy Pig is always in a strop it takes her until the end of the episode to smile laugh then fall over. And as for poor Daddy Pig, they make him look like a fat useless pig. I’m not letting the little dictator Peppa take over this house again!

So I have some questions for Peppa and her family that I don’t get:

  1. Why are they all the same size? There are rabbits, elephants, ponies and they’re all the same height?
  2. Why is there a doctor for everyone and confusingly a vet for Peppa’s goldfish?
  3. How many jobs does Miss Rabbit have? She must be shattered!
  4. Has anyone ever seen Pedro Pony’s mum and dad?
  5. When they have a bbq what meat or who do they eat?
  6. Why is George the odd one out when it comes to names? It’s not alliteration like Peppa Pig, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit etc. Why isn’t he called Pearce or Piggy or just plain old Peter. If they change the name and team up with Marks and Spencer they would make a fortune with his face on the front of a packet of Percy pigs.
  7. Why can only some animals speak? The sheep, pigs, ponies, Miss Gazelle. But the ducks, Mr Skinny Legs the spider and Peppa’s pet fish all remain mute.
  8. Where are Daddy Pig’s parents? Grampa and Grandma Pig are Mummy Pig’s parents. We never anything about Daddy Pig’s! Have they been eaten?
  9. Why is Princess Holly on Peppa’s birthday cards and on her library book? Great product placement
  10. Why don’t Mummy and Daddy Pig take George to a speech therapist as he’s can only say one word. And I hate the fact when I hear anyone say dinosaur I have his voice in my head.

Here’s a Peppa quiz for kids:

L x