I’m back!

After a brief hiatus to move house just before Christmas, I’m back and really looking forward to sharing stuff with you again on Mummy Wants Wine. Which leads me onto my first post of 2017:

Just about every other day I have  been hearing the same question. “When am I going to start big school mummy?” 😭

My first born Georgia is due to start primary school in August. No matter how much I think I prepared myself, I still feel like I’m not ready and could burst into tears just thinking about it and often have unwanted thoughts running through my mind.

I’m sure I’m not the only mum or dad out there who feels like this? I worry whether she will settle in well and make friends? What if she’s upset and wants her mum? Will she fall victim to bullies? All these fears are normal I guess and to be expected and parents everywhere are just hoping their child will be ok when starting school. It will be one of the biggest milestones in her short life so far.

It’s been my job since the day she was born to protect her and when she falls down I’m always there to pick her up and make her feel better and wipe always her tears. I like to think that her dad and I have done everything right, but I can’t seem to get my head round that my responsibility will be transferred over to a teacher…someone I don’t know!

Georgia is just taking everything in her stride and she can’t wait to start school. She loves to learn new things and we have prepared her by talking to her about starting school and what new things she will learn, like reading and writing and making new friends. I’m sure that her independence and excitement will make it all okay in the end and I have to let her go for her own good.

What’s been your experiences of you little one’s heading off to school?

L x