One Threenager and another with terrible 2’s syndrome. I’m now at that stage in my life where I can’t leave keys in the door, any drinks or ornaments on tables or pens anywhere. My house is constantly filled the following:

  1. Loud…and I mean LOUD noise
  2. Moaning
  3. Crying for absolutely nothing
  4. More moaning
  5. The food my threenager picked for dinner is “AGUSTING”, ‘YUKKY’ or today’s excuse is that “…the fairies didn’t cook it.”
  6. My one year old having a death grip on a knife she grabbed out the dishwasher and won’t let go! (She was nowhere to be seen in the kitchen…I turned my back to the dishwasher for a micro second there she is practically juggling the contents of my cutlery drawer!)
  7. Asking to watch surprise eggs on YouTube 50 times a day
  8. My little pony playing on a loop
  9. Bath time looks like a tidal wave has ravaged my bathroom

I sometimes think it would be easier looking after a pair of chimpanzees than my two kids. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids but this is why mummy drinks wine 🍷🍾…because of you!