Swimming lessons in the past at our local council swimming centre seemed to go nowhere after months of lessons. My eldest did build confidence but never managed to swim without the aid of a float. So I stopped the lessons as I felt the money would be better spent elsewhere. I saw a new facility had opened nearby and thought I would give it a try. 

Making Waves Ltd based in East Kilbride is different from the other facilities in Scotland as the pool is a dedicated teaching pool for learning. I’m so impressed with the overall feel of the place, from the welcoming staff at reception, to the fantastic way the teaching staff handle each child and focus on the individual strengths they have in the pool. The main focus is on building confidence before moving them on to the next step.

After 2 blocks of lessons my 6 year old ditched the water wings on holiday and off she went from one side of the pool to the other. She even ended up diving to the bottom of pool to fetch her toys! I was gobsmacked at the confidence she had in the pool each day and this is all thanks to Tom and his team at Making Waves.

My 3 year old? Well her confidence is still building! From crying and screaming for mummy the first 4 weeks to now happily putting her head in the water for breath control and swimming a small distance. We have faith that her weekly lessons will improve as time passes. As a mum, you always want the best for your kids. Finding this little gem has me feeling like they are getting everything that they need to gain the skills needed to have fun the water safely. 

The place is immaculately clean from the toilets to the changing facilities. They also have a cafe with a selection of things to keep kids hunger at bay and coffee cakes etc. for the parents waiting with a full view of what’s happening in the pool.

The kids love going to lessons every week and I can see it in their faces as soon as they are in the water!

Have a look at the website: https://www.makingwavesswimming.co.uk

The price is reasonable and the facilities are 5 star quality. Why not let you little one start making some waves and give it a try.

L x