Dear Princess Georgia,

As I write this, you’re nearly 4 years old and you will no longer be a threenager 👧🏽. You have a really funny personality and love to talk and tell us stories as well as being one of the kindest loving sensitive little girls I know. When you get mad at me I swear your looks really could kill, but when you put you hand on your hip and point at me I can’t help but laugh sometimes! I wish I could just stop time and put some of our special moments in a box so I can hold on to every part of your life.

My house has been taken over by Disney. You name it you love, it so perhaps we can make a wish come true and take you to Disney World next year. You love to make mummy and daddy laugh but your knock knock jokes are so bad we have to laugh so you stop telling them.

Right now you love Barbie dolls, Disney Princesses, My Little Pony and dressing up. You love to wear your princess dresses and be whomever you want to be, and dancing along to Utown Funk or as you say “Unknown punk” like your possessed by Bruno Mars himself.

I think being 4 will bring us good times and those tantrums will soon be gone. I know we will still have our challenges, that much I’m sure of, but for now I will make the most of our cuddle time and chats.

When it comes to your baby sister you’re amazing and are really sweet and protective. I hope you both grow to be the best friends a sister is the best friend anyone can have.

Thanks for teaching me so much about your small world. I know every character from My Little Pony by Cutie Mark now. You’re such a blessing and I don’t take a single day for granted with you. Keep growing Georgie Pie even though I often tell you to stop growing and stay my little girl forever I know that won’t happen!

Love you GG

Mummy x