If your looking for a fun way to promote an active lifestyle in a constructive way to build your child’s confidence and fitness then look no further than the Little Tiger Cubs Taekwon-do. My daughter Georgia, who was 3 at the time, really struggled with her confidence and always took a step back when trying new things. I really wanted her to overcome this before she got any older.

I saw the classes at my local gym and joined the free trial. At first she just stood and observed with no pressure to join in until she was ready. After a few weeks she joined in at her own pace with some encouragement from her instructor and has improved every single week since then.

Georgia loves her instructor Steven and looks forward to seeing him every week and follows him around like a shadow. She’s really has built up a bond that she can trust and rely on. She actively listens to and follows his instructions. I personally think this had helped her build confidence and self esteem. The other children have also grown each week and it’s so nice so see them get better and fitter. The children get to wear a cute Little Tiger Cub uniform which helps makes them all work as a team, dressed the same so no one is different. The age range is from ages 3-5 with the class lasting around 45 minutes.


The classes are very structured and gets the little ones active. They learn through play to build confidence, self discipline, achieve goals and improve fitness with a touch of martial arts moves with professional instructors who put them through there paces. it also provides rewards kids just can’t get from other fitness activities. At the end of the session kids are rewarded with a sticker to put in their personal card. When the card is full, they’re presented with a certificate and a stipe for their belts to give them that final reward and sense of achievement.

Main points from my observations:

  • Concentration and listening skills that lead to better behaviour
  • A learning through play fitness program that encourages a more active lifestyle
  • Respect for others
  • Working together
  • Increased confidence and self esteem

This is the website if you want to find one in your local area across the UK:


My local classes in the Glasgow area are run by Steven McLaren:


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