I have been busy his week organising the house for trip away this weekend and I’m leaving my other half Allan in charge of the girls.

This is my first trip away since before me eldest was born almost 6 years ago. I am going to go away and enjoy every single minute and really let my hair down for once. I’ve organised the girls clothes all laid out in their rooms if I didn’t do this god know they would leave the house dressed like.

A few simple tips for you Allan:

  • Never show fear
  • Always give Calleigh a BIG SPOON and Georgia a Small Spoon (don’t get these mixed up)
  • NEVER give Calleigh orange juice, ham or eggs . In fact just stick to cheese and bread she will survive on that until I make it home
  • This is mummy’s menu “take it or leave it” don’t cave if they ask for something else
  • No sugar after 5 otherwise it’s your riot
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be something similar to hell
  • When they become wild and unruly, I usually just lock myself in the cloakroom and come out they’re finished
  • Wine or beer is essential to survive without me

Good luck see you in 3 days.