To my little Calleigh Bear,

Today is your birthday!!!! I just can’t believe you have been on this earth a whole 2 years it was only yesterday I had you snuggled up in my arms just looking down at those perfect little eyes and perfect little baby born at 7lbs 3oz. I guess time has flown past a bit too quickly for my liking.

Before you were born, we asked your big sister Georgia what we should name you. Without any hesitation she immediately decided you should be named ‘Biscuit’ and to this day you still get called ‘Baby Biscuit’!

I’ve been really emotional thinking about you turning 2. You’ve changed so much over the last year, growing and learning new things and new words almost every day. We’ve yet to see the more extreme tantrums that come with the terrible two’s, but you sure know how to let me know you’re not happy about something!

You amaze me every day with your cheeky spirit and fearless attitude where nothing ever seems to phase you. You are a strong minded little girl who loves her independence and try to do everything yourself first. I can honesty look into those little eyes and see so many possibilities and believe that you can make anything happen.

Over the last year your life has changed so much from walking to talking and you have just flourished since then. Your favourite toy is your ‘Bunny Bunny’. I should really say favourite toys as you’ve now amassed 3 of them. God help me if you ever lost the first one…so I thought it best to have a few spares!

You love Zootropolis the movie and the theme song ‘Try Everything’. You seem to know all the words in a toddler language only you can understand. Just like mummy you have a little talent for singing already.

Doc McStuffins is your new obsession and you walk around with your doctor’s bag stethoscope and dummy in making all the toys better including stabbing mummy and daddy with your toy syringe and we have you pretend to cry so you stop.

You are a lovely little soul most of the time and from you I have learned patience more than I ever had to, and overcome my fears of letting you try new things without my help. You have made our world so much more complete. Without a doubt having you and your sister in my life has made me a better person than I could ever be without you.

Happy birthday Calleigh Bear. I wish you a perfect day.

Love Mummy, Daddy, Georgia and our rabbit Alabama