It’s Good Friday so Allan suggested “let’s go out for lunch”. I secretly felt sick inside at the thought of having to control my 3 year old 1 year old when we eat out as one of them will normally cause a traumatic scene, and after the week I’ve had it was the last thing on my mind. However we’ve been stuck in-doors all week as Georgia, our 3 year old, has been poorly so I painted on a smile and packed the changing bag with everything I could think of stuffing in there and jumped in the car.

We went to Grill On The Corner in Glasgow which is one of my favourite restaurants. I would never had thought it was child friendly but they proved me wrong. We ordered food (no wine unfortunately!) and enjoyed a nice family lunch. The staff looked after us helping Georgia with her menu and calling her “madam”.

As soon as I saw a potential meltdown I whipped out the emergency supply and all I can say is thank f**k for crayons, paper and an iPad with Hotel Transylvania to watch! These three items are essential and literally saved my sanity today. The girls were good as gold 😇😇 today and it turned out to be an enjoyable experience…so we might do this again soon.

I don’t expect toddlers like mine to sit still without being duct taped to their chair and gagged (joking obviously!). But we can live in hope and pray to god that they do just sit nicely and behave so that eating out as a family is enjoyable without other people looking and judging your parenting skills. I think that parents who over come this challenge should be rewarded with a free bottle of wine from every restaurant!

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L x