Dear Georgia

Goodnight and sweet dreams because when you wake up tomorrow you will be 5 years old.
5 sounds big. 5 sounds scary. 5 means you will be going to school and 5 makes you sound less like my baby girl and more like a big girl.

For the last five years you’ve been the best sidekick and shadow I could have ever asked for. My mini me from day one to my mini me today 👍 my world.
You’re are so good with words that you surprise me almost daily with them. You make us laugh when we try so hard not to as you’re being totally serious and ask us why we’re laughing. You honestly melt my heart with your compassion. You instantly made my life have purpose and better reasons to work towards making life a better one.

You are only 5 and you have changed me and your dad’s life in so many ways ways we can’t even begin to tell you. You really have your moments though! Like yesterday morning when you had a meltdown over your hair style!! I’m sure we will have the same meltdowns for many years to come!

As I write this I’m thinking about the day you were born and it was the most stressful day of my life as we waited so long to have you. And here you are making our world perfect with you in it.

So my Georgia Pie, this next year is full of new independent adventures like school and making new friends. It’s time for me to let you enjoy the big world without me by your side all day.

As you always tell me “Mummy your my best friend!” I just hope you feel that way forever.  Love you to the moon and back

Mummy xxx

Q&A With Georgia

1. Do you think turning 5 years old will change what you do each day? No.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up? A rock star

3. Why are you excited about turning 5? Because, I’m going to school