MUM: “We have to go to Asda shopping.”
KIDS: “Whine moan whine moan whine.“
MUM: “Please stop moaning girls. I don’t really want to go either, but unless you want to eat tomato sauce on toast with broccoli on the side for dinner then we are going.”
KIDS: “Whine moan, but mum, whine moan whine.“
MUM: “Now before we go in let’s try and follow some rules girls. Don’t ask me for anything, don’t poke your fingers in packages covered with cling film, and don’t point at anyone and say what’s wrong with that lady/man or shout out Mummy I need a poo.”

So far so good until we hit the bakery aisle where everything smells so good. I’m TRYING to be healthy so just grab the bread and get out of there pronto even though I’m just thinking of filling my trolley with yummy goddies and heading home! I practically run past the cakes, cookies and pastries and then they start with the begging mid jog:

Kids: “Can we get donuts?”
Mum: “No.”
Kids: “Can we get cupcakes?”
Mum: “No.”
Kids: “Can we get cakes?”
Mum: “No.”
Kids: “Can we get biscuits?”
Mum: “No.”
Kids: “Why not mummy? I’m sooooooo hungry”
Mum: “No”
Kids: “Why?”
Mum: “Because I said so”

(Thinking about the wine section again )

Now most people would given up asking by now, but my kids are only just starting and I know it’s downhill from here. I’m thinking of just heading straight for the wine aisle and getting out. The girls (20 months old and 4 years old) are fighting over a doll and my youngest has been shout “Walk Walk Walk Walk” since the moment she got in the trolley.

It feel like I’ve been in there for about 5 hours…nope under an hour. I’m mentally drained and while waiting to pay for the shopping I hear the final blow!!

Kids: “Mum look…it’s yummy chocolate! Can we have it?”
Mum: “NO!”
Kids: “Moan whine moan whine! Can we have it?”
Mum: “NO!”

Why do shops feel the need to have these products at the till points?! It always starts a debate with the kids and you always see a parent struggling all because they want the extra…cash evil bastards! Put bananas, apples, or any type of fruit at the till to help us get through in one piece whilst remove all the extra items that have somehow made their way into the trolley, including a packet of dog biscuits. We don’t even have a dog!

So my top tip…ORDER ONLINE for home delivery at night when the kids are in bed so you can unpack with a glass of wine in child free bliss!

L x