Taking your little monster to the cinema can be a fun time or a total disaster. I have to say I’ve experienced both.

Before I had children going to see a film was easy: dinner, wine, and then popcorn with another glass of wine! We could go any day of the week. Anything starring Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler or Bradley cooper then I was there. We all have our favorite reasons for going to a movie…don’t we?!

The last adult movie I saw was Gone Girl in October 2014. Since then it’s been Disney, Pixar or other animated films all of which have to be planned out in advance.

Georgia and I went along to see Zootropolis yesterday and had great time, but a few children and parents had a difficult time with a few meltdowns.

So here are a few tips that help me out with planning to ensure we have a great time:

Choose your film

Obviously choose a film that you know will keep you’re children entertained. For me it’s always animated films. I also look out for the morning mini club movies at our local Vue cinema which has some good film at a great price. http://www.myvue.com/minimornings so if your little one had a melt down then you won’t mind leaving if it’s a low cost mini morning movie.

Skip the ads and trailers

Children are never interested in the adverts and just whine and complain for 30 minutes until the movie starts. Book your tickets in advance and go to your seat after the ads and trailers. I always pre book and choose our seats.

Morning cinema

Georgia is always on good form in the morning so I usually go to an early screening to avoid any complaints or signs of tiredness, plus it’s usually nice and quiet so she can talk without disturbing anyone else.

Autism friendly screening

Children with autism can also enjoy the cinema with friendly screenings provide opportunities for people with autism or sensory sensitivity to enjoy a trip out. Again you can find these at you local theatre complex

Baby cinema

If your a new mum and would like to go and see a move with your little one in tow then you can. Check out your local cinema as most of them offer these screenings with the lights on half and reduced sound to provide a comfortable environment for small children usually up to 2 years and tickets are charged for adults only so it’s a great price.

I hope you find these tips useful.

Here’s what’s on our list of must see movies for the next couple of months:

May: Alice Through The Looking Glass

July: Finding Dory

July: Ice Age: Collision Course

July: The BFG

August: Pete’s Dragon

L x