Panto Season is in full swing…Oh no it isn’t!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!!) 

I took my eldest (6 years old) to see Cinderella at the SEC Armadillo. We were joined for the festivities by my sister-in-law and her two eldest kids (13 and 10). 

It’s starts as expected with a burst of glitz and glamour from ‘Fairy Alice’ played by Frances Thorburn  (River City and Waterloo Road). She opened up the show in the broadest comedic Glaswegian accent referring to herself as “Gallus Alice from Shieldinch!”  

We all know the background of Cinderella and the production doesn’t deviate much from what you’d expect: The oppressed Cinderella having her wish granted to go to the Royal Ball, losing a slipper, falling in love with the handsome price and living happily ever after etc.etc.etc. 

What makes the difference though is the comedy on display form the actors. The ‘Dames’ this year are played by Gavin Mitchell (Boaby the barman form Still Game) and Jonathan Watson (of Only an Excuse fame). They played the adequately named ugly sisters – ‘Hinger’ and ‘Minger!’ They’re on stage banter was really good and they got several laughs from my 6 year old.

However, I felt the show was lacking something. Perhaps a bit more focus on some of the other characters as the dialogue was pretty much dominated by The Krankies.

Ian Krankie plays the part of ‘Baron Hardup’ while Jeanette plays his servant ‘Buttons’. As you’d expect from a lifetime of working and living together, the on stage chemistry is evident. They set each other off in fits of giggles through the show, which added to the audience laugh count. One standout sketch for me is Ian kitted out as ‘Donald Trump’ and Jeanette as  Kin Jong Un brandishing a makeshift Intercontinental Ballistic dancing about the stage to Elton John’s Rocket Man.

Later in the show, yet more vintage Krankies on display as Jeanette dusted off her alter ego ‘Wee Jimmy Krankie’. Jimmy ends up on Baron Hardup’s knee and gets through about like a ventriloquist’s dummy! I’m not so sure the PC brigade would approve, but pants is meant to be a bit close to the bone to give the adults a laugh too! I really liked this section of the show as it took be back to my childhood in the 80’s when the Krankies were at the height of their career.

All in all, it was a great show to watch. But perhaps it would’ve been just as good had some of the other actors been given bigger parts to play?

Cinderella is on at the SEC Armadillo from 12 – 30 December 2018. Tickets priced from £21.47 (including admin fee) are available from:

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