Planning my daughters birthday party has been the most stressful thing I think I will go through 🍷! As a mum all I ever wanted is for my little princess to have a perfect day. I have been to so many parties this year I said I wasn’t going to put myself through this but I finally caved after she kept asking if she was having one.

So I started to plan and get some ideas for a party  she’s obsessed with princesses but after my research of booking the entertainement, food, hall, decorations it amounted to almost £500!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH?! Do Parents actually pay all this??

Ive never been one for keeping up with the Joneses, but how these mums can justify wasting hard earned cash through elaborate expensive parties for little kids is beyond me. I needed a lie down and a glass of wine to get over the shock 🍷!

In the end I decided to go for a stress free lazy option and have softplay party to keep my sanity and my partner’s wallet happy. My daughter had an amazing party with the children she loves to spend time with and she had a wonderful day.

If you would rather not be stressed and skint then here is a mini guide to doing it yourself:

Set a budget and try to stick to it by researching

Create A Theme

The first thing you should organise is a theme. This could be anything from superheroes to princesses and pirates. You can then plan things like decorations, invites, music and games around your theme, such as the right entertainment to go with your party theme.

Invites! How many?

The next thing you should decide is how many friends your little one is allowed to invite. A handy tip is to have a number in mind and tell your child what the limits are and not go overboard and have too many.


This is the fun part! What you need to do next is decide with your child is what the entertainment should be. This is where knowing the party theme comes in useful. If you have decided on a fairy theme for example, you could plan an activity where the children decorate fairy cakes that they can take home.  Activities like this go down great with the little ones because it gets them involved…and of course because they get a tasty treat at the end!

Party food

We all know that children are fussy with what they eat so the best thing to do in this situation is to keep it simple. You could make a platter of sandwiches with a mixture of simple fillings, bowls with savoury food and healthily options like strawberries, grapes, carrots. You can decorate your table to match your plan.

Birthday cake –  This can cost more than you entire party if you have it made specially. If like me you cant bake very well I saved pennies by ordering from my local Costco, or buy from your favourite supermarket.

Party Bags

One of the last things to organise is party bags

Smyths have a great range of exciting party bag ‘stocking fillers’ that are a reasonable price. It depends what your theme is as to what you include in the party bags. Stick to a budget per bag so you don’t go overboard on cost.


The Weather

Check the weather the day before to work out if this be indoors or outdoors. I live in Scotland so the weather is always an issue so you need a back-up plan if your party is going to be outside just in case the weather is not what you hoped for. Do you have a gazebo? Hire or borrow one just in case. If the clouds do come rolling in you won’t be disappointed.


The most important thing to remember among the madness of planning a birthday party is that you little one will have a day to remember and you will have a few more grey hairs to add to your collection! So plan a relaxing night with a take away and wine for your very own after party.

L x