My two little princesses look at me like I’m the freaking queen bee; that mummy can do no wrong (this is true lol) and their daddy is their Superman. Allan, for all his faults and lack of domestic skills around the house, like changing in the toilet roll and putting the empty one in the bin, can be forgotten on this blog! Haha just kidding babe you’re never forgotten!! Seriously though, I don’t give you a enough credit sometimes and here’s why.

You have a crazy and very demanding job which often means you have to work away from home on weekdays (and the occasional Sunday) but you never leave the house without kissing the kids goodbye or when you’re away from home will FaceTime in the morning and before bed to say goodnight so our girls never miss knowing you’re thinking of them which I love.

You always come home from running errands with a surprise for the girls like a kinder eggs or a princess magazine. After a long day of work you can be found lying on the floor with reading stickman 5 times or building Barbie's Dream House with the cast of My Little Pony  lined up in order of play. You know all the names of each pony by Cutie Mark – how many dads can do that? Lol

When I’m at work on a Sunday daddy daycare is open for business and you try your best to keep the girls entertained in between the fights and destroying my house with toys. Oh how I love to come home to a mess but at least my dinner is on the table with a large glass of wine.

I hear a lot of other mums bitching and moaning about fathers and how they don’t do this or that, or don’t provide for them and shouldn’t call themselves a dad. Are some simply being overlooked because they work hard to provide for their kids? Yes I think so.

But the truth is parenting doesn’t come so naturally to some and it takes work to get that confidence. Or some are being tarnished if the parental relationship has broken down. Dad’s sometimes get the raw deal. I think most of these situations could be from watching Jeremy Kyle right enough just in case anyone think I’m referring to them!

So this is for the dads of the world who put there blood, sweat and tears into working hard to provide for their family but always putting the kids first and showing them you are really their Superman.

Keep up the good work and pour me a glass of wine! I shouldn’t ever have to ask that.

L x