Author: Lisa Gordon

The Week Begins

So my working weekend is well and truly over which means it’s a new week and I get to moan about the morning nursery run. I have been up all night with a coughing child who was at one point pretending to be sick to avoid going back to bed so I’m a bit rough round the edges this morning…but I say sleep is for the weak! This Monday morning stress fest is me with a 3 year old and one year old toddler up, dressed and out of the door before 8.15am. Haha that never happens to plan no matter...

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Groundhog Day

When my three-year-old is at nursery for 3 hours and it’s just me and my 1 year old at home, I seem to spend that time running around the shops with Calleigh crying and moaning to get out the trolley or I’m trying to clean the house with her attached to my hip screaming for anything she can think of. My clean laundry ends up covered in sticky banana from her mashing it all over my nice clean floor. Then before I know it’s nursery pick up time to collect Georgia. I have been walking to collect her recently and...

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My Life

One Threenager and another with terrible 2’s syndrome. I’m now at that stage in my life where I can’t leave keys in the door, any drinks or ornaments on tables or pens anywhere. My house is constantly filled the following: Loud…and I mean LOUD noise Moaning Crying for absolutely nothing More moaning The food my threenager picked for dinner is “AGUSTING”, ‘YUKKY’ or today’s excuse is that “…the fairies didn’t cook it.” My one year old having a death grip on a knife she grabbed out the dishwasher and won’t let go! (She was nowhere to be seen in...

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