PAW Patrol is an action adventure series starring 7 pups: Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest. There’s about to be an 8th pup called Tracker shortly joining the team. My girls have moved away from that little dictator Peppa Pig (thank God!) and moved on to PAW Patrol. I know I’m not the only parent who has put bed time off by 10 minutes to find out the ending!! These little pups are taking the toddler world by storm and I love them not only because they keep my kids quiet and content when I need them to…but because I actually quite like it myself!

My 2 year old calls them Paw Paw and dances around the room to the ‘Pup Pup Boogie’ (I’m now humming the tune to the ‘Pup Pup Boogie’ in my head.) My 4 year old loves Skye and Everest, the two girl pups.

However, there are some things about PAW Patrol that I don’t quite get:

  1. Where are Ryders Parents? He is always unsupervised and never goes to school.
  2. How old is Ryder? He lives on his own with a pack of dogs. Is he 10? 20?
  3. Where is the adventure bay version of RSPCA? Surely it’s cruel to attach tools to a dog?
  4. The pups constantly play a dance video game called ‘Pup Pup Boogie’. Why is it so annoyingly catchy?
  5. Why can the dogs talk but the chicken, Chickoleta, and Callie, the cat, can’t?
  6. Is Chickoleta the smartest character on the show?
  7. Mayor Goodway! Who the hell let her be Mayor? She is useless and no one seems to care about her lack of competence running the town. Her chicken could do a better job…or possibly even Donald Trump!

Am I the only one who thinks the?!! Let me know your thoughts on it using the comments box below.

L x