When travelling with little ones, it’s a fine line between a pleasant trip and a trip from hell. Planning is the key so here are 6 tips to help you Mummas plan your next road trip.

#1 Choose your departure time: Pick a time around the kids sleep time if possible. Dear hubby and I usually leave very early morning e.g. 1am so the children are in la-la land for most of the drive. It also gives us a time to chat and catch up.

#2 Pack a picnic: Pack a picnic in an esky/cooler rather than going to a drive through. This gives you an opportunity to stop, stretch your legs and the kids to burn off some energy. This also has the added bonus of the car not becoming a bin on wheels.

#3 Plan your stops: Plan where you are going to stop by researching where parks can be located. These are like gold on a road trip, as the kids can access play equipment to run themselves ragged. This is a great idea when you combine with tip #2.

travel#4 Play games: This is dependent on how old your kids are. Games such as Eye Spy (for little ones you might ask who can see a _______), Car idol (singing favourite songs or nursery rhymes- usually both as good as singing in the shower ), Licence plate game (the oncoming cars using the letters to create silly sentences), Where is your _______(eg: asking questions such as where is your nose etc) and telling a story word by word (everyone one takes a turn to add a word to the story).

#5 Toys & Books: You can’t go past a good story. It’s the perfect time to take advantage and have that bonding opportunity with your kids through books. Audio books would be good too.

#6 Technology: Have a few movies available as a backup. If all else fails and the kids are feral, a relaxing movie is ideal. Typically you don’t want to have movies that are going to rev them up; you want to ensure they are calming.

Finally, if in doubt Mumma, stay home, fly or take a bottle of wine for your sanity! Travelling can be great fun if you plan well. Some of my favourite memories with my children are our road trips together…the good, bad and the ugly. There are stories that still bring a smile and hearty chuckle to my lips. So Mumma I wish you happy travels and memory creations.

Until Next time,