I have friends who don’t have kids. These are the friends with perfect nails, hair washed and always have time for personal shopping. “Oh come out just leave the kids with someone!” Eh? Who? Plus My nails and hair are a riot, I would be the ugly sister next to you. Haha but seriously 😬 we all have a friend who just doesn’t get the below list at all:


You can’t visit the loo alone without a little tap on the door or shouting from outside to ask if your ok and if you need a hug!!! Or you sometimes just go and put the seat down and sit there to try and get 2 minutes alone time.

Car travel

Are we there yet? No. Are we nearly there yet? No!! Or you have to listen to the same song on repeat over and over but you do it just to stop them asking are we there yet.

The tune request I have all the time is Sax by Fleur East or Little Mix’s Black Magic.

“Take a sip from the secret potion…” Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! I’m singing that now. Won’t get it out my head.

Space Invaders

I have given up trying to tell my kids why I need some space but they seem to think that I’m some sort of climbing frame. We have a massive couch, however they choose to sit next to me or on top of me in some form. If I get up and move yo the other side so do they.

My Little Pony

These adorable little ponies are everywhere and I mean I find them everywhere!! My bed, my car, the bath, and even down the toilet once. I swear they come alive at night and gallop through my house to try and freak me out.

Twilight Sparkle is trying to torture me!

Looking Good

I used to get my hair and nails done with the odd spray tan! It made me feel good. Old morning routine: showering, putting on makeup, straightening my hair and picking a nice outfit!!! Now it’s jeans and a top with a pair of converse with a messy bun for the nursery run. There are some mornings I’m just so happy that I’ve managed to even brush my teeth. Oh and a good tip for leg shaving, the Disney princess body wash is fab if you have a chance to shave them. It is almost summertime.

Any mum’s want to share your experiences too? If so I’d love to hear from you through the comments below.

L x