Month: July 2016

Family Finances

I’m Lisa’s other (and some would say better!!) half. She recently asked me if there was anything I wanted to write about for the site. I had a think and came to the conclusion that it would be highly unlikely that I’d be able to write about something that her readers would find even remotely interesting. But then inspiration took hold of me and gave me a right good shake! My day job is a Learning and Development Consultant in the financial services industry, which basically means I train Financial Advisers for a living. So I thought maybe folks...

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Birthday Parties

Planning my daughters birthday party has been the most stressful thing I think I will go through 🍷! As a mum all I ever wanted is for my little princess to have a perfect day. I have been to so many parties this year I said I wasn’t going to put myself through this but I finally caved after she kept asking if she was having one. So I started to plan and get some ideas for a party  she’s obsessed with princesses but after my research of booking the entertainement, food, hall, decorations it amounted to almost £500!!!!!!!!...

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The Secret Life Of Pets

The secret lives of pets is produced by Illumination who brought us the family favourite Despicable Me franchise. This is why I think my kids loved it so much. The movie is a sneek peek into what our beloved pets are up to when we’re not home…a bit like Toy Story. Max is our main character. He’s a devoted dog whose entire life revolves around his owner, Katie. It’s a perfect dog life but this all changes when Katie brings home Duke, a big fluffy dog who immediately starts to ruin Max’s life by taking over his home! Some underhand...

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My Fairy Garden

I’m always looking for new things to keep the little ones in my house busy and found this great little find.   It’s from a range called My Fairy Garden.  There are various collectable activity kits so you can build your own fairy village. It’s designed to encourage an interaction with nature through play. This Fairy Flowerpot is their latest range. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is suitable for ages 4 years and over, although I did let my 22 month old join in the messy part of planting and putting in the soil! The Fairy Flower pot comes...

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Sammy the Spider Biscuits

Sammy the Spider Biscuits   What you need: 2 rich tea biscuits Strawberry laces Icing sugar Chocolate chunks Smarties Method: Mix up some icing sugar with water to make a thick paste spoon the mixture it onto one the biscuits Stick on you spider legs using the laces Place the other biscuit on top Spoon more icing sugar on top Add your smarties for eyes and chocolate chunks for a mouth. Keeps little hands very sticky but busy!...

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