Month: April 2016

Five things mums will totally understand

I have friends who don’t have kids. These are the friends with perfect nails, hair washed and always have time for personal shopping. “Oh come out just leave the kids with someone!” Eh? Who? Plus My nails and hair are a riot, I would be the ugly sister next to you. Haha but seriously 😬 we all have a friend who just doesn’t get the below list at all: Peeing You can’t visit the loo alone without a little tap on the door or shouting from outside to ask if your ok and if you need a hug!!! Or...

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A Rainy Day In Glasgow

So it was another rainy day in Glasgow and I wanted to get out the house and boy-oh-boy I’m glad I did! I decided to try somewhere new called the Garscube Playrooms. It was a lot like a toddler group so designed for pre school kids and no sign of any cliquey mums. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, especially Theresa who showed us around.I  have been to many places but the Playrooms is without a doubt one of a kind. Room 1 is for arts and crafts: little tables and chairs for eating and drinking, a table with jigsaws...

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Reading with the Kids

Both myself and Allan are so passionate reading books to our girls and finding new ways to capture their imaginations and engage them through reading books, songs and rhymes. Words from a book come to life every day without us realising it. Like being out for a walk and one of the girls sees a cat and says “Look, it’s Mog the forgetful cat!” Or walking over a bridge I find my self saying “Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?!” Or when Georgia got so excited finding a pine cone she was adamant the cat from room on...

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Zootropolis Review

My girls love the animated movie  Wreck-It Ralph so I know exactly why my girls are hooked on this new movie Zootropolis as it from the same creators. Brief outline of the film: Zootropolis has all the animals you can think of living in peace and harmony; from a Lion to a tiny shrew and not a sign of a human in sight. Judy Hopps is a cute little bouncy bunny rabbit who becomes the first ever bunny police officer. She’s determined to prove to herself that she can do the job just as well as the other animals. However her boss, Chief...

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