Month: April 2016

A Letter For My Daughter On Her Birthday

Dear Princess Georgia, As I write this, you’re nearly 4 years old and you will no longer be a threenager 👧🏽. You have a really funny personality and love to talk and tell us stories as well as being one of the kindest loving sensitive little girls I know. When you get mad at me I swear your looks really could kill, but when you put you hand on your hip and point at me I can’t help but laugh sometimes! I wish I could just stop time and put some of our special moments in a box so...

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6 Tips To Travelling With Your Kids

When travelling with little ones, it’s a fine line between a pleasant trip and a trip from hell. Planning is the key so here are 6 tips to help you Mummas plan your next road trip. #1 Choose your departure time: Pick a time around the kids sleep time if possible. Dear hubby and I usually leave very early morning e.g. 1am so the children are in la-la land for most of the drive. It also gives us a time to chat and catch up. #2 Pack a picnic: Pack a picnic in an esky/cooler rather than going to...

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Minion Madness

My girls love Despicable Me especially the Minions. Everyone just loves a cheeky yellow but very lovable little guy! They also love eating bananas so when I found this we had to try it and make minion bananas so I thought I have to share with you all too. Make your own minion bananas which is completely free to cut out and make your self. This is my video of the final result and the link to the website Is found on the description. Why not make your own and post the final result to my Facebook page Mummy Wants Wine....

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Peppa Pig Is Driving Me Mad!

Peppa Pig is really, really, really starting to get on my nerves! Just as one child is growing out of that phase the other has now started!!!!! HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP! I can’t take anymore of that spoiled little snorting, complaining, whining, pork chop dictator Peppa. I try to limit it to just one a day usually when Milkshake is on first thing in the morning. This way I don’t have to listen to it when I’m busy getting organised for the day. I think Mummy Pig is always in a strop it takes her until the end of the episode to...

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Kids Taekwon-do

If your looking for a fun way to promote an active lifestyle in a constructive way to build your child’s confidence and fitness then look no further than the Little Tiger Cubs Taekwon-do. My daughter Georgia, who was 3 at the time, really struggled with her confidence and always took a step back when trying new things. I really wanted her to overcome this before she got any older. I saw the classes at my local gym and joined the free trial. At first she just stood and observed with no pressure to join in until she was ready....

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