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Christmas Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching (92 days until Santa pops by as I write this!) Where has the year gone? If you’re like me, I try my best to get organised early to avoid all stress, pain and misery of having to shop for the kid’s presents at the last minute. There’s so many places to look…so where do you begin the journey to get what you’re looking for and not end up spending over the odds? I love Amazon, and that’s why I chose to be an affiliate for the brand. One thing you can always count on with...

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DinoM8 Indoor Play Area

DinoM8 in Airdrie is a massive indoor play area with a pre-historic man-eating reptile problem that my 4 year old was slightly frightened of when we first walked in! The staff reassured her that the dinosaurs are really nice and won’t eat her. This place is great and perfect for kids of all ages they will have a blast taking part in all the fun exploring and burning off energy in a safe environment. They also gave me a quick safety brief before getting into the play areas. I would say it was money well spent as the girls really enjoyed it. Happy kids = a happy mum. I have been to every single soft play in the Glasgow area and due to the rip off prices cleanliness and bad food I always love to try new things. I never went with any kind of expectations but I was pleasantly surprised the quality of the food and coffee. I ordered two kids meals with pizza and fresh chicken rocks. The kids got stuck in they finished the lot, which is rare. DinoM8 also has table service which saved me having to get up and queue to order anything when I was busy with the girls. I really liked this as I could keep an eye on the kids at all times and they didn’t panic looking for me. Overall the...

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Superhero Mums

Lets face it, all Mums are Superheros we do just about everything form juggling work, kids, housework, maid service, personal taxi service and so much more 😫 this is for you…YOU ARE NOT ALONE To the mums who sometimes rush out the door for the school run wearing pyjamas and odd shoes To the mums who give the kids the iPad  just for an hour so you can enjoy a cuppa tea (disguised…as its really Prosecco) and a Kit Kat To the mums who are so exhausted from all the multi tasking and running around all day and can’t...

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Sisters Forever

This was September 2014 when I brought Calleigh home from the hospital at 3 days old! The sisterly bond has continued to grow over the last 2 years! Lx...

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Happy 2nd Birthday Calleigh Bear

To my little Calleigh Bear, Today is your birthday!!!! I just can’t believe you have been on this earth a whole 2 years it was only yesterday I had you snuggled up in my arms just looking down at those perfect little eyes and perfect little baby born at 7lbs 3oz. I guess time has flown past a bit too quickly for my liking. Before you were born, we asked your big sister Georgia what we should name you. Without any hesitation she immediately decided you should be named ‘Biscuit’ and to this day you still get called ‘Baby...

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